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„We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do“ (Voltaire)

I have been observing and photographing nature for many years now, and I’ve noticed how the biodiversity of our environment is increasingly declining. This led me to establish Aufwind gGmbH, a non-profit nature conservation organisation.

The aim of Aufwind gGmbH is to promote nature conservation by supporting both regional and international initiatives with the proceeds from the sale of my photographs.

By purchasing a photograph, you are making a direct contribution to nature conservation. All proceeds (after deduction of production costs) go to conservation and environmental protection projects.

Planned initiatives include:

  • Protecting endangered species
  • Preserving and maintaining biotopes
  • Renting or buying land to achieve this

Donations for these purposes are also welcome. Thank you for your support.

Bank details:

Aufwind gGmbH
IBAN: DE18 4306 0967 4099 3561 00
GLS Bank Bochum

A contribution receipt will be written out and sent to the donor.


Klaus Tamm, founder & nature photographer