Commitment is paying off: Farmers at the Lower Rhine Area and Ground Breeders benefit from Aufwind’s donation. (article in german)

Aufwind supports research on Castroviejoi hare

During a journey in the Extremadura I studied animals in Spain and came across a very rare species, the Castroviejoi hare. For the first time ever, it was scientifically described in 1977, and – just discovered – it is already in danger to get extincted. This made me supporting the scientific research on this special species by a donation of Aufwind gGmbH. Since, only what you know you can protect.

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Aufwind gGmbH supports research on Lepus castroviejoi
Thursday, March 21, 2019

Klaus Tamm, German citizen living in Wuppertal, has been observing and photographing nature for many years , and he is noticing how biodiversity in our environment is increasingly declining. This led him to establish Aufwind gGmbH, a non-profit nature conservation organisation. The aim of this foundation is to promote nature conservation by supporting both regional and international initiatives with the proceeds from the sale his photographs.
Klaus Tamm supports conservation research on the broom hare Lepus castroviejoi, a species in decline and with an IUCN Red List Status of Vulnerable. WLS is grateful for this generous support and will report on the project in due course and at the 6th World Lagomorph Conference!

Protection of ground nesting birds in the Niederrhein region

The centre for nature conservation in Kleve (Naturschutzzentrum im Kreis Kleve e.V.) recently received a donation from AUFWIND to aid the protection of ground-nesting birds in the region. These birds, especially sky lark, lapwing, European stonechat, whinchat, common redshank, black-tailed godwit and curlew require natural, open pastureland for breeding and foraging. Their habitat has been greatly restricted through intensive agricultural farming practices.

A monocular was purchased to allow easier detection of ground-nesting lapwing, to conduct an initial survey of nests. Once located, the nests are marked with bamboo sticks, so that farmers can avoid the nests while working the field. This method enhances the nesting success of lapwing.

For more information about this project, please visit the website of Naturschutzzentrum im Kreis Kleve e.V.

Subsequent protection measures will be implemented in 2019, and highlighted here in the future.

Photographers Against Wildlife Crime™

Non-profit Aufwind supports the initiative “Photographers Against Wildlife CrimeTM”, founded by Britta Jaschinski and Keith Wilson. A photo book published by the initiative raises awareness of the illegal killing of wild animals and the illegal trade in wild animal products.

An important step for this initiative is the publication of the photo book in China, where the main markets are for illegal products of endangered animals, such as elephants, rhinoceros, tiger, and scaly anteater.

Please visit for more information.

Britta Jaschinski (co-founder of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime™) is very grateful:

„AUFWIND (translated UPWIND)
Photographers Against Wildlife Crime™ are proud to receive a generous donation from AUFWIND – For Nature Protection.
This contribution will make a difference! It will help the distribution of our all important book in China. We are most grateful!

AUFWIND was founded in 2015 by award winning photographer Klaus Tamm, to support initiatives that protect endangered species and preserve wild spaces. In the past two years AUFWIND has made a valuable contribution towards conservation. By simply purchasing Klaus Tamm’s stunning photographs, you will be supporting
his organisation’s environmental protection initiatives. Donations are also welcome.
„We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do.’ (Voltaire)“

International project: Remembering Elephants“


„Elephants will be extincted within the next 20 years if nothing is being done against illegal ivory trade. Already the coming generation will not be able to experience these remarkable creatures in the wild. This fact demonstrates how urgently action needs to be taken“, says Klaus Tamm.

Therefore Aufwind gGmbH is donating 10.000,- Euro to the Born Free Foundation and the project „Remembering Elephants.

Margot Raggett (Founder of „Remembering Elephants“):
„We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have received a staggering donation today to Remembering Elephants of 10,000€ by the photographer Klaus Tamm’s non-profit organisation AUFWIND. Klaus is hugely committed to supporting conservation projects and this donation is part of that commitment. He was moved to make the donation after hearing our editor Keith Wilson speak about the Remembering Elephants project at the recent GDT Festival. (…)
And please join us in thanking Klaus for this amazing and generous donation!“

A first project has already been launched: fruit tree care for the little owl

Over a period of three years, Aufwind für Naturschutz gGmbH is funding professional tree care of about 120 old fruit trees in the region Wuppertal / Wülfrath. The intention is to get the trees to preserve the living conditions of the extremely endangered little owl. This species, Athene noctua, breeds in the cavities of old fruit trees and pollard willows. The care of the old trees is time consuming and needs to be regularly carried out by experts. With the support from Aufwind gGmbH these measures now help securing the habitat of the little owl for the next 30 years.

Newspaper article in Westdeutsche Zeitung February, 22th 2016 (German)


Online article Westdeutscher Rundfunk April, 20th 2016 (German)


Project documentation


Many, many thanks to the buyers of my photographs and books as well as to the organizers and audiences of my lectures, exhibitions, seminars and photo workshops.


So far, a first step has been made, and there is more to come …